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"The work Mike Schwager has done for me and OSI has not only produced vivid results, it has given me something of an education. Beyond what I’ve come to understand about the world of publicity and public relations, the campaign that Mike has been leading for me has afforded me a whole new set of eyes through which to understand the work that I do in the world. He has helped me gain a perspective that would otherwise be impossible.

"Mike is not just a pro (he knows the publicity universe as only a veteran who has played at the highest levels can know it), but he also brings to bear a tremendously fresh capacity for creativity and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to achieve the intended result – he seems to have an endless store of energy and he directs it with passion and purpose. But perhaps the quality that commends Mike most highly, is the fact that he is a man of deep courage and unswerving integrity. He is committed not only to producing excellence in the product he delivers, but also to having his work truly make a lasting difference in the world. For him this is not high-minded idealism. It is simply who he is, what his life is about.

"It is my considered opinion that Mike Schwager stands alone in his industry. Put another way, he is the standard."  

Dr. Cleve W. Stevens


Owl Sight Intentions Inc.

"I am new to the media markets and yet amazingly find myself being invited back again and again following comments from producers like "you're a real pro." The credit belongs entirely to Mike. In one day's training he showed me how to relax in front of the camera and engage an audience with high energy, organized talking points and personalization. Since then he's helped me with on-going mini refining and refresher sessions. Whether you're just getting started or seeking to take your media skills to the next level, Mike's knowledge and network are an incredible asset to have on-board! His insights and encouragement continue to surprise me. I would HIGHLY recommend Mike to ANYONE seeking to improve their media platform for any reason. You cannot find better media training. I simply cannot say enough about him!"  

Shari Olefson

Attorney/Shareholder, Fowler White Boggs

Author, “Foreclosure Nation: Mortgaging The American Dream”

[April, 2009]

"Michael has achieved world-wide recognition for my book. I first met him when he provided media training for several of us at KidsPeace to help prepare us for doing interviews. The training was rich with tips, guidelines, and practice. Two years later, when I had written a nonfiction book ("Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters"), I hired Michael to be my publicist. I cannot say enough about the work he did. Considering that I was essentially an unknown psychologist, the results were amazing. He got me interviews on national television (Fox), national radio (WOR in New York), and a story with the Associated Press that was picked up by virtually every major news outlet around the world (probably thousands of newspapers and websites including the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, Yahoo News, Google News, etc.). This story triggered more interest, and I began getting calls and interviews from such places as the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, CBS-TV, CBS-Radio, and even German public radio. Michael also placed a front page story in USA Today, as well as a book review. To sum up, Michael has expert knowledge, contacts in all major media markets, and a dogged determinism to succeed for his clients. Not only that, he is supportive, provides guidance, and communicates effectively & punctually. He succeeded for me even beyond my hopes."  

Dr. Peter Langman, Director of Psychology

KidsPeace: The National Center for Youth in Crisis

Author, “Why Kids Kill: Inside The Minds of School Shooters”

[April, 2009]

"My association with Mike Schwager crosses two realms: first, I have observed him as a consummate public and media relations professional, with a passion and penchant for getting his clients results that matter. In this arena, he is dedicated to excellence, whether the communications vehicle is publicity, writing, media interview and crisis training, cause-related marketing, or consultancy in positioning and branding. Here again, Mike's interest is in the representation of clients with quality services, issues, books or products. Second, as a contributing columnist to Mike's other endeavor,, a spiritual, human potential, humanitarian web portal, I know Mike is dedicated - first - to furthering dialogue, tolerance and understanding between cultures, ethnicities, genders and religions; second - to inspiring people to become all they are capable of becoming; third - to promoting the great humanitarian issues and challenges of our time; and fourth, to offering valuable alternative information in science and health. is a treasure trove of news, information and inspiration in all these areas. It reflects Mike's interest in helping to build a better world at a time of great challenge - and even greater possibility."  

Dr. Luise Light, MS, EdD

Writer/Editor, James Mitchell

Former Director of Dietary Guidance and Nutrition Education Research, USDA

[Architect of original Food Pyramid]

Author, “What To Eat”

[April, 2009]

"Mike has demonstrated to be the best in his field. The world of words is his domain. Great communicator, intensely creative and a true 'maven' in media relations (publicity, writing and media training) and overall marketing communications."  

Andres Montoya

IT Director

Vutec Corporation

[April, 2009]

"If I believed in magic, I would consider Mike a magician of the highest rank. He has made no promise he couldn't fullfill, and wonderfully, with integrity, energy and wisdom."  

Tessa Bell


Dare to Dream, LLC

"I hired Mike to work on one of the highest profile books my company had ever published and his professionalism, creative thinking and deep rolodex helped us not only successfully launch the book, but open doors for our future projects that had not been open to us in the past. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking top quality public relations representation."  

Cindy Ratzlaff

Formerly VP/Brand Marketing at Rodale Books

Currently President at Brand New Brand You LLC

"Mike took on public relations and communications functions at Opportunity International, a global charity, and dramatically increased the organization's profile. His creative ideas carried the organization far. I recommend Mike to my clients. His work makes you look good. I know I can always count on Mike to deliver excellent work and provide excellent counsel."  

Carol Stigger

Communications Director

Opportunity International

"Mike is the most talented media relations pro I've worked with and I recommend him highly to all my colleagues that are in need of high-level PR & marketing. Thanks again Mike"  

Duane Conder

Conder Media Group Inc.

"Mike is a forward thinking media executive who brings both creativity and analytical thought to the process--and gets things done."  

Chris O’Hara

Vice President of Sales

"Mike is the definition of bulldog. He'll work every angle and every contact to generate media coverage for his clients."  

Tim Ogden

Chief Knowledge Officer

Vice President

Geneva Global Inc.

[November 8, 2007]

"On behalf of each of us personally, and The United States-Mexican Development Corporation (USMDC), we would like to offer Mike Schwager and his firm a highly positive recommendation. Mike's work with us in Mexico for the quarterly production and distribution via satellite of News Videos containing news stories about Mexican culture, tourism and commerce was invaluable to our efforts to gain appreciation for Mexico in the United States. The videos were extremely helpful in raising Mexico's image and reputation in the US in the years before and leading to the passing of NAFTA. We would highly recommend Mike's professional knowledge, capabilities, and attitude to any government, corporation or non-profit organization. Thank you, Mike."  

Jeffrey B. Peters

President & CEO


Catherine H. Chase Peters

Vice President

United States-Mexican Development Corporation

[November 3, 2007]

"Fabulous writing and positioning. You came through yet again. You are, in my opinion, the top practitioner of intelligent, creative, and humane media communications in the nation."

Mark Stubis

Vice President for Communications

KidsPeace: The National Center for Kids Overcoming Crisis

[October, 2007]

"If it were not for Mike Schwager's advice and attention to detail I do not think that we would have gotten the coverage that we have.  He exceeded my expectations every step of the way and I would highly recommend hiring Mike when you expect results."

Sean O'Hanlon

Founder, Executive Director

American Biofuels Council

"Since our program started to gain popularity throughout the U.S., it has become impossible to respond to all of the emails, media kits and phone calls from PR and media firms. However, when Mike Schwager contacts us, we always pay close attention to his recommendations. Mike not only cares about the success of his clients, he also cares about the success of our show. We have the utmost respect for him and his firm."

John Resnick

"Legends of Success with John Resnick"

(Nationally syndicated radio show profiling America's most successful
                    entrepreneurs and entertainment icons)

Legends of Success

[July 10, 2007]

“Mike is a wise counselor, adept writer and keen strategist who has rendered invaluable service in the formation of the American Biofuels Council.”

Jim Lane


Lane & Associates

Lane & Associates

[July 1, 2007]

“Mike is the most talented media relations pro I've worked with and I recommend him highly to all my colleagues that are in need of high-level PR & marketing. Thanks again Mike!”

Duane Condor


Condor Media Group, Inc.

[July 1, 2007]

“Mike is a forward thinking media executive who brings both creativity and analytical thought to the process--and gets things done.”

Chris O'Hara

Vice President of Sales

"Thank you...for all your hard work on our behalf. I spoke with Golf Connoisseur and with again only today – hopefully these contacts will result in good coverage for us in the near future.  We are deeply grateful for your enthusiasm and dedication to us and the wider “cause” of transforming lives and philanthropy."

Steve Beck

Chief Executive Officer

Geneva Global Inc.

[December 20, 2006]

"Mike - you have a great way about you. I really think that the training was valuable and was done in a highly professional way. I would definitely recommend your services to others. Thanks again."


Lorrie Henderson, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer


[December 17, 2006]

"I really enjoyed being part of the group, learning from your expertise, and can report that I carefully perused the material you passed out and will do my best to incorporate it in my approach. Many thanks for coming out to KidsPeace and helping us along! Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy holiday season. I hope to see you again."


Dr. Herb Mandell

Medical Director


[December 17, 2006]

"We have been very pleased with the work Mike Schwager has done for CURE International. A few years ago we had a very unique situation that needed to get significant public attention and exposure. Mike did an excellent job with that initiative--and it led to a response by an overseas corporation. Over the past 2 years that corporation has continued to support our work, and recently made a 5 year commitment for $1 million. None of that would have been possible without the initial exposure that came through Mike's fine work."

Craig Hammon

Executive Vice President

CURE International

[November 28, 2006]

"Whether you are a novice or a pro in dealing with the media, Mike's expertise is invaluable.  His years of experience and seasoned insights are amazing, and he shows you how to hit the Bulls Eye every time. Most importantly, Mike is a man of great integrity, so your relationship with the media is one of honesty and trust.  In every cell of my being, I believe Mike Schwager is the best there is."

Jim Skafish

President and CEO

La Befana Records

“I have worked with Mike Schwager for the past five years and he is a superb ally. Some consultants work hard for a few months and then coast. Mike stays on the case. In the years that I have used his services, he provided a steady stream of placements. I admire his initiative. Also, he does not get stuck in ruts. He keeps coming up with fresh angles to tell our story and ideas for potential new outlets to release. He is always careful to keep in step with the message we want to promote. Then, he finds strong placements for us on broadcasts and in publications that reach our market. This kind of publicity is often better than advertising. Last but not least, Mike Schwager is a seasoned professional. That’s essential when working with journalists. They don’t like being 'pitched.' Mike, by contrast, crafts our message so we are seen as a resource to the reporters. That produces far better relationships and publicity.”

Eric Thurman

Founder, President

The White Horse Group

Former CEO, Geneva Global Inc.

[July 28, 2006]

"Let me add my words of acknowledgement, appreciation and thanks. Your drive, tenacity and creativity are hugely impressive. You have served us very well indeed."

Steve Beck

Chief Executive Officer

Geneva Global Inc.

[May 23, 2006]

"Tremendous thanks to you, Mike Schwager, for finding the National Spinal Cord Injury Association and for bringing us to the attention of philanthropist/entrepreneur Robert Klein.  Due to your wonderful efforts and his incredible generosity, many hurricane survivors with disabilities will be receiving desperately needed help in the form of housing assistance and home repairs, wheelchairs and other medical equipment replacement, and household goods and vehicle replacement.  We will also be able to expand an aggressive advocacy campaign to improve emergency and disaster preparedness, response and recovery efforts for people with disabilities who are at greatest risk, and likely to be overlooked in future catastrophic events.  On behalf of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association and our many partners in the disability community, THANK YOU!!!  Your persistence and attention to detail have forged a partnership that will have a lasting effect on the lives of many, many people."

Marcie Roth

Chief Executive Officer

National Spinal Cord Injury Association

[November 22, 2005]

"There is excellent, there is fantastic, there is genius, and then there is Mike Schwager.  In a class all by himself, Mike is a one man media machine.   There is no limit as to what he can do.   From publicity, writing, media strategy, media training, marketing, titles, ad copy, op eds, celebrity networking, to fund raising, Mike Schwager can do anything and everything!   When Mike Schwager gets involved, he is an amazing combination of passion, inspiration, expertise, tenacity, and great gut level instincts.   You can't teach or coach that.   Either you have "it," or you don't, and  Mike is overflowing with the "it" factor. With over 25 years of phenomenal success stories to his credit, Mike avoids the pitfalls of a novice, and handles each situation as the seasoned veteran he is.   He won't ever lead a client into trouble. In fact, he helps clients avoid pitfalls, and manifest their dreams.   Many times, a client goes to a big firm, pays for THEIR overhead, and gets lost in the shuffle.   With Mike Schwager, you get HIM, and that's all anyone needs to win in this game!"

Jim Harrison

Galaxy Readers Inc.
[September 26, 2005]

"Mike, you hit this one square on the nose.  Superb job!  Thank you for the dedication you bring to telling our message.  Together, we are changing a lot of lives."

Eric Thurman
Chief Executive Officer
Geneva Global Inc.
[September 22, 2005]

"Mike - You have done a superb job with us and we are grateful. CURE has so much more visibility and exposure--and credibility--because of your efforts. You really "get it" in terms of our mission and vision, and communicate that so broadly and so well. Best wishes in your very important and good work."

Craig Hammon
Executive Vice President
CURE International
[August, 2005]

"Mike, I just wanted to tell you, you were so right…Eric was great! You have a wealth of experience and knowledge (and) I really value your opinion. This segment could not have happened without you, and I appreciate all of your help. You’re the best!"
Michele Kelly
Associate Producer
"Wall Street Week with Fortune"
[April 27, 2005]

"Thanks again for the great placement with "Wall Street Week with Fortune." That kind of publicity is very good for us."
Eric Thurman

Chief Executive Officer

Geneva Global Inc.
[April 24, 2005]

"Michael Schwager is in a class by himself, a true media wizard who mixes his insider's knowledge of the news business with brilliant inspiration in a sort of alchemy that time after time turns ideas and passions into gold. Driven by an inner fire to change the world for the better...he consistently surpasses your highest expectations with inspired strategies and relentless energy that produce unhoped-for results. Simply put, Michael Schwager makes media magic."

Mark Stubis, Vice President for Communications, KidsPeace
The National Center for Kids Overcoming Crisis
[Former Asst. Director of Communications, United Negro College Fund]
[January, 2004]

"Excellent Mike! Thank you so much for this entire experience. From your initial phone call until today, the professionalism, grace and FUN of this project has been over the top. THE BAR HAS BEEN RAISED!!"
Lyn Siegel
"The People's Pharmacy"
[syndicated to 100+ NPR stations]
[September, 2004]

"All of us at CURE are deeply grateful for your work, energy, creative ideas and encouragement this year. We have seen very significant progress in CURE’s visibility and credibility across the board."
Craig Hammon
Executive Vice President
CURE International
July, 2004

"Wow, Mike, you are worth your weight in gold--maybe even platinum! You are really making things happen. Thanks for all your hard work."
Angela Rickabaugh Shears
Director of Communications
CURE International
[February, 2004]

"I've worked with many, many PR people, and PR people are usually unhelpful filters. They don't return calls, they get in the middle, and I try to avoid them like the plague, especially on a tight deadline like this. You are by far the most professional PR person I've dealt with. (With you), it's exactly the way it's supposed to work."

Bruce Goldfarb, Reporter
USA Today
[February, 2004]

"Michael Schwager produced results for Boys & Girls Clubs of America's National KidsDay program in 2003, and isn't that what it's all about? Michael was hired to secure national media coverage and celebrity participation and in both cases he delivered. The National KidsDay program had its most successful public relations results to-date and that was contributable to Michael's tenacious, but strategic pursuit of media opportunities. On behalf of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, I encourage you to call upon Michael Schwager when results are imperative."
Scott Hallenbeck, Vice President, National KidsDay Management
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
[December, 2003]

"Mike Schwager is a superb writer, publicist, gifted strategist and highly creative idea man. Beyond that, he gives heart and passion to everything he touches. Thanks, Mike, for putting us on the media map, and for four exceptional years of performance on behalf of our organization."
Christopher A. Crane, Chief Executive Officer
Opportunity International
[February, 2004]

"Your enthusiasm and multitude of new and brilliant ideas have been greatly appreciated. Your help has been invaluable. God bless you."
Sir John Marks Templeton
Templeton Global Mutual Funds
The John Templeton Foundation
[March, 2002]

"Mike Schwager has been a tireless, dedicated media relations and creative marketing communications consultant to Opportunity International. Mike's successes have helped take our organization to a significantly higher degree of visibility and exposure among the media and the general public. His contributions have been invaluable. In addition to his placements in leading media outlets, his writing and placement of Op-Eds in major newspapers, he frequently generated extremely creative ideas for our organization. He is most definitely an idea man of high caliber. Perhaps Mike's biggest asset is his ability to "think outside of the box" and to be unusually imaginative about getting our message out. Mike is truly dedicated to excellence and achievement for his clients."
Charles L. Dokmo, CEO
Opportunity International
(December 2001)

"From a 1 to a 10, he's a 12!"
bestselling author Harvey Mackay
"Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive"

"You have created an aura of prestige for our organization which I cannot put a price tag on."
Leonard H. Wissner, Chairman
Ward & Wissner Capital Management

"An absolutely first-rate professional."
Chet Burger, former president
Chester Burger & Company

"What a great person and good teacher you are! Thank you for teaching us the tricks-of-the-trade."
Susan Rothschild

"Michael Owen Schwager is one of the brightest of the bright in the world of public relations."
Wilson Harrell
former publisher, Inc. Magazine

"You provided informed, skilled and invaluable counseling, writing, production and placement services to us. You made a big difference."
Jerry Alan Bergman
former Director, Marketing and Communications
Boys Clubs of America

"Public Relations genius: he comes from the head, heart and gut."
Sam Grossman
Grossman Properties
author, "Win the Food Fight"

"Your expertise has contributed greatly to our success."
Edward I. Koch
Former Mayor, New York City

"When you commit your time, energy and talent to a client... the commitment is clearly a total one. Your contribution to helping feed literally hundreds of thousands of starving people has been enormous. By convincing a major food company to donate several million tons of freeze dried food within hours from your call, you averted a major crisis in Latin America!"
Robert C. Macauley, President
Americares Foundation

"You helped gain new and added respect for Mexico in the American mind."
Jeffrey Peters
U.S.-Mexican Development Corporation

"With appreciation for making a world of difference!"
Robert A. Seiple
President, World Vision

"Everyone raved about the media training. They're still talking about it weeks and months later!"
Claudia Stepke
Communications Director, H.E.L.P.
(founded by Mario & Andrew Cuomo)