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CURE International

CURE International ("") is a non-profit organization based in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania which establishes teaching hospitals in Third World countries to heal disabled children. Its Founder and CEO, C. Scott Harrison, M.D., a gifted entrepreneur and visionary, is a successful orthopedic surgeon who headed Kirshner Medical Corporation, an orthopedic medical instrument company, and channeled monies from its merger to Biomet, Inc. to create CURE.

Today, there are seven fully constructed teaching hospitals - in Kenya, Uganda and Malawi in Africa; in Kandahar, Afghanistan and Kabul, Afghanistan; in the Dominican Republic, and in Honduras. Two more hospitals are being built in Zambia and Ethopia. The mission of CURE International is simple yet profound: to bring First World Medicine to help the neediest and poorest disabled Third World Children. In Afghanistan, CURE treats both children and adults for all medical conditions.


Since December 2003, when CURE International asked me to raise awareness for its activities and mission through the print and broadcast media, a number of placements were arranged. Here are some highlights:

Robb Report WORTH Magazine – August 1, 2005. Article by reporter Michele Seaton highlights the work of CURE International and its founders, Dr. and Mrs. Scott Harrison. Story includes details of the pioneering work of Dr. Benjamin Warf at the CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda, in developing a surgical cure for hydrocephalus (water on the brain) in children.

Washington DC Radio WAVA host Don Kroah interviewed CURE's CEO Dr. Harrison on Tuesday, April 5, 2005. Listen to the conversation by clicking on Tuesday, April 12-Hour 1 after visiting:

THIS IS AMERICA WITH DENNIS WHOLEY – April, 2005. Dr. Harrison was interviewed by television host Dennis Wholey for a full half hour, in this public affairs program nationally and internationally syndicated on 400+ stations, including PBS and cable stations in the USA, and overseas on Voice of America Television Network.

GUIDEPOSTS Celebrates 60 years by highlighting 'Six People Whose Stories Brought Hope to the World.' Scott Harrison, MD, was one of the six. Read his story in the March 2005 issue of Guideposts magazine.

Guideposts will carry a fuller profile of Dr. Harrison in its November ’05 issue.

VOICE OF AMERICA has placed on its Web site the interview between Dr. Harrison and reporter Joe DeCapua in which CURE's efforts to bring hope and healing to the world's disabled children are shared. Visit the following link for a glimpse into CURE International.

WASHINGTON TIMES Opinion/Editorial Article I ghost-wrote and placed for CURE's CEO Scott Harrison. I was also able to arrange the consent of Dr. Robert Schuller of The Crystal Cathedral to co-author the piece with Dr. Harrison.
On November 23, 2004 'America's Unsung Citizen Healers' was published which highlights the selfless devotion of thousands of Americans doing good--and focuses on the medical staff of CURE International who are dedicated to healing disabled children in the poorest countries of the world. The article may be found at

The same Op-Ed was also placed in THE MIAMI HERALD.

LEGENDS of SUCCESS with JOHN RESNICK. CEO Dr. Harrison was heard on the radio talk show 'Legends of Success with JOHN RESNICK' in late September 2004. The popular show highlights people who have been successful through hard work and, usually, hard times. Visit

FORTUNE SMALL BUSINESS magazine article 'The Doctor is Out' featuring Dr. Scott Harrison may be read by visiting the following Web site.,15114,681466,00.html

Sally Harrison was interviewed by KTN (Kenya TV Network) in July when she was meeting with staff at CURE hospitals in Africa. The segment was aired nationwide.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published Dr. Harrison's OpEd 'Americans can be proud of medical work in Afghanistan' on June 15, 2004. You may read it by visiting:

Academic Physician & Scientist published an 'Up Close and Personal' article about CURE Founder Scott Harrison, M.D., in the June 2004 issue.

The Washington Times published on Memorial Day, May 31, 2004, an OpEd piece penned by Dr. Harrison on his recent return trip from Kabul, Afghanistan. The online version may be found at: ran CURE's story about plans to build a children's hospital in Lusaka, Zambia.

Several Florida and Texas newspapers published a Scripps Howard article in which Dr. Harrison shared his faith journey story. Visit

In April 2004, Chicago Public Radio aired an interview with Dr. Harrison on their Global Activism Stories program, 'Opening Teaching Hospitals in the Third World.' visit the following link to hear the April 8 interview:

Gary and Karina Roark's 'What's a Missionary to do? Fixing Lives one Child at a Time' commentary has been published in numerous newspapers across the country. Gary is the Chief of Anesthesiology at the Beit Trust CURE Hospital in Malawi, Africa.

Helping Disabled Children Face the Future with Joy was broadcast on Voice of America on May 4, 2004. You may also read Dr. Harrison's interview about CURE's amazing work with poor children by visiting the following Web site page:

CNN Sunday interviewed Dr. Harrison in February 2004. Visit the following Web site to hear what he had to say about CURE's work around the world.

Mission Network News - February 8, 2005
'A Christian doctor is the driving force to seeing children around the world get the physical help they need, while also providing spiritual assistance.' Mission Network News recently published an article after interviewing Dr. Harrison about CURE International's mission. Visit the following link to read more:

WASHINGTON TIMES - February 5, 2005
AID GROUP GETS OK TO SET UP KABUL HOSPITAL was the headline of an article by Katherine Clad in The Washington Times. The article explained how CURE will be opening a 115-bed hospital in Kabul and will address and assist in alleviating the dismal facts that in Afghanistan there is one physician for every 50,000 people and 25 percent of Afghan children die before age 5.

Voice of America - February 4, 2005
An article by Joe DeCapua, Washington correspondent for Voice of America News, emphasizes the importance of Dr. Warf's research findings. Please link to the following to read the entire article:

FOX NEWS! - December 22, 2004
Dr. Scott Harrison, President & CEO of CURE International, was featured on FOX News on December 22, 2004. He shared with the audience about the 13,000 Afghan patients treated each month at CURE's medical facility in Kandahar. Dr. Harrison also talked about why it is so important to remain steadfast in supporting the efforts in that region to lend a healing American hand to the thousands who are in need.

In December 2003, my first assignment began with the surgery on a baby born with a rare birth defect in the Dominican Republic: Baby Rebeca Martinez was born with the extra conjoined head of her identical twin. Significant worldwide media coverage was arranged. Please click on this link to get the full story:
The Power of the Wire Services (media coverage of the Baby Rebeca case)